MultiFlask 7-in-1 Travel Beverage System

New 7-in-1 Travel System converts to 7 different bottles without the clutter.  Now includes vacuum stainless for 24h cold/12h hot drinks!

MF 3-in-1 Cold Travel Beverage System

New 3-in-1 Cold Travel System converts to a Fruit infuser, protein/smoothie shaker bottle or a big 23oz water bottle

MultiFlask 6-in-1

Converts to 6 bottles including glass insert for hot drinks. Made from Glass and Tritan. NOW ON SALE

MultiFlask 3-in-1 Hot Beverage System

Perfect for Hot coffee/tea when you prefer glass, or 23oz water bottle NOW ON SALE

MultiFlask 7-in-1

Shuffle the parts to “MORPH” Multi Flask 7-1 into:
1. 8h Hot coffee traveler
2. 8h Hot tea traveler
3. 24h Cold sports bottle
4. Fruit infuser
5. Big 23oz/680ml bottle
6. Shaker/Smoothie bottle
7. Cold brew coffee maker/travel bottle
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MultiFlask 3-in-1

Creates 3 specialized bottles without the clutter!

Just combine the parts to morph

Multi Flask 3-1 into:
1. Fruit Infuser
2. Big 23 oz bottle
3. Shaker/Smoothie bottle

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I always add essential oils to my tea for flavor and their health benefits. The Multi Flask glass insert is perfect to withstand the heat of the water as well as the oils which do not work well with plastic bottles.
We Love Playtime
Well Multi Flask allows you to enjoy all of your favorite beverages in the convenience of one super cute, super functional bottle.
One of the most exciting features of Multi Flask is that for the first time there is a viable way of using glass on the go
Fitness for the rest of us
It is the ideal flask for endurance athletes.Basically, take your kitchen on the go! (In other words, a gift idea for the frequent traveler.
USA Cycling Certified Level 3 Coach, Coach Levi
Hot, cold, brewed or shaken, the Precidio Design Multi Flask is the ideal way to enjoy your favorite drinks on the go.
IHA Inspired Home
The Multi Flask is a multipurpose 6-in-1 bottle used for all your hydration needs. This system is really amazing. You can drink hot or cold drinks, infused beverages, insulated (hot or cold), fruit infused beverages and powered beverages.
Mom Does Reviews