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DIBSnack in the BoxMulti FlaskPure Safe-ShellKelvin Stainless Steel Growlers


NEW ACCOUNTS: Precidio Design required an opening order minimum of $200 US or $200 CDN, and are in our master pack cases.

NEW ACCOUNT ORDER PAYMENT: Precidio requires your first order to be pre-paid by credit card. Following orders may qualify for net 30 days terms. If interested, please request terms with subsequent orders. Orders shipped under terms require the purchaser to be liable for reasonable attorney’s fees incurred by the seller in connection with collection procedures upon non-payment of invoices presented for goods actually delivered hereunder. A charge of 1½% per month will be added to past due invoices. We reserve the right to refuse any order based on credit.

WHEN WILL YOU GET YOUR FIRST ORDER? We typically ship within 2 to 3 business days for in stock orders.

SHIPPING: We ship from Nashville, TN for US orders and St. Catharines, ON for Canadian orders. Freight is extra. If you have an account with your preferred courier company, please send it to us and we can ship at your discount levels. All merchandise sold will be shipped at the buyer’s risk, and risk shall pass to the buyer upon our delivery of merchandise to a carrier. Therefore all claims involving loss or damage to merchandise should be solely against the carrier.

PRICING: Pricing is based on our wholesale price sheets and are updated periodically. Please ensure you have the current price sheets when placing orders. Orders are accepted at our offices in Oakville, Ontario only and will be confirmed by email.

MAP - MINIMUM ADVERTISED PRICE POLICY: Resellers are required to maintain MSRP in all advertising, print, web and media exposure as noted in our wholesale price sheets, unless during an approved promotion period, by Precidio Design Inc.

CLAIMS & RETURNS: All claims for exchanges or returns must be made within 3 days of receipt of shipment, or the shipment will be considered received and approved. Precidio does not accept returns unless with approved RMA number. Return shipments without a visible RMA on the exterior of the package will be refused. If you have a claim, please email us at:

PRECIDIO DESIGN INC products are only sold by authorized retailers and may not be sub-distributed to third party resellers. Transfer of our products to non-authorized resellers is prohibited and grounds for termination as an authorized dealer status. The business relationship between Precidio Design Inc. and each approved reseller, is “AT WILL” and Precidio Design is free to end authorized reseller status at its discretion. Precidio and its authorized resellers reseller reserve the right at any time to terminate the relationship for any reason whatsoever.

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