Only Multi Flask Hydration Systems deliver essential hydration what, where, when and how you need it.

Enjoy the 6-in-1 infusion bottle today







Made of the highest quality, BPA/BPS/Phthalate-free components, these components get put together in seconds, creating the perfect bottle to hydrate all day long (or throughout the day).



How much do we spend on coffees on the go on our way out the door, $10 a week or more? That’s hundreds of dollars a year.

The MULTI FLASK COFFEE PORTER lets you carry your coffee with you as you commute, take a walk in the garden, watch your favorite player at a little league game, or just to sit on the dock.

SETUP: Simply add the high-quality glass inner & the silicone base pad to the durable BPA/BPS/Phthalate-free Tritan™ outer shell, and top off with the hot sipper lid. You now have a safe way to carry a glass bottle of your favorite hot beverage, without the concern of breakage.


Multi Flask gives you the PERFECT bottle for making and carrying your hot teas AND COLD BREWED coffees.
  • For COLD-BREWED COFFEE: fill the INFUSER with your ground coffee, and insert into the filled Multi Flask chamber with cold water so the coffee is immersed. Let sit for 18 to 24 hours for a smooth, coffee free from bitter oils and fatty acids and 2/3 less acid, which boiling water can extract.
  • For BLACK TEAS: fill the INFUSER with leaves, pour in hot water and let your tea steep with the sipper lid on and flip cap open (to let the steam release for a few minutes). When steeped, pop out the INFUSER (using a tissue or cloth) and replace the lid. You are ready to go!
  • For HERBAL or GREEN TEAS: when you like to let the leaves soak as you sip, put our tea inside the glass inner, fill with hot water and screw on the sipper lid with the top open as the tea steeps and steam pressure reduces. The INFUSER strains the leaves as you sip.
SETUP: Add the high-quality glass inner & the silicone base pad to the durable and BPA/BPS/Phthalate-free Tritan™ outer shell, insert the INFUSER to the hot sipper lid. You now have a safe way to carry a glass bottle of your finest COLD-BREWED coffee; black, herbal or green teas, without the concern of breakage.

Flavor water without adding sugar, the BEST INFUSER IS HERE!

We are all looking for ways to drink more water, consume less sugar and to still have great taste. The MULTI FLASK INFUSER is a fabulous way to add flavor to your hyhydration throughout the day.Our Tritan™ INFUSER will let you easily fill your Multi Flask with berries, cucumbers, mint leaves, or any delicious fruit you may enjoy adding to your water, and then the INFUSER FILTER/AGITATOR holds it all inside the bottle, as you drink from the soft, tooth-friendly, silicone spout.

SETUP: Just add the Tritan™ FRUIT INFUSER to the durable and BPA/BPS/Phthalate-free Tritan outer shell, add the INFUSER FILTER/AGITATOR to the SPORT LID and screw down the leak-proof cap. It is not only versatile and durable, but it makes your Multi Flask an object of art to behold with the crystal clear Tritan walls. Be proud of hydrating, show off your limes, lemons, leaves and berries! You are being good to your body and it shows.

Hold Cold Drinks without the Condensation with our Durable, Double-wall Carry!

Sometimes we need to have a tough, double-walled beverage holder. One that lets us enjoy an icy, cold drink without the concern of condensation water droplets puddling on our desk, wetting our bag or damaging our computer. And, we need one that won’t break.

The MULTI FLASK DOUBLE TRITAN™ bottle is just the perfect thing for people on the run, kids at play time, or when you need your desk dry.

SETUP: Just add the Tritan inner to the durable and BPA/BPS/Phthalatefree Tritan™ outer shell and finish with the screw tight sport lid. You now have a virtually unbreakable, chemical-free bottle to transport your favorite chilled beverage with you, no matter how far or bumpy the ride may be.


Whether you believe in PRE or POST workout supplemental hydrating, the MULTI FLASK POWER DRINK HYDRATOR is the best workout buddy you can have! Our patented design lets you add the ultimate gym bottle to your regimen.As they say, “SHOW ME” – why is this the ULTIMATE DRINK MACHINE? With our thirst quenching 23 oz./650ml, and tough as nails Tritan™ outer bottle, and leak proof sport lid with medical grade silicone spout, you will be able to down that shake comfortably, even when your muscles are pounding with lactic acid. The large diameter, soft silicone spout saves your teeth, and makes it an easy pour. Our AGITATOR is a brute to pound out lumps in your powder. Just fill the bottle with liquid, dump in the powder and screw on the lid and shake. The AGITATOR will break up your protein powders or other ingredients into a smooth, enjoyable drink – no more lumps. And if you
prepare it before heading to the gym, just give it another shake when you are ready to drink!SETUP: Simply click-in the Tritan™ AGITATOR to the BPA/PBS/Phthalate-free Polypropylene SPORT LID, and screw onto the Tritan™ outer shell for a leak-free workout bottle which will not soggy-up your sport bag. Our screw down cap also protects the spout and keeps it clean.


We are mostly made of it, need to constantly replenish it and when you are thirsty, demand a lot of it. The MULTI FLASK BIG WATER BOTTLE satisfies even the most demanding thirst.The large capacity 23 oz. /650ml durable Tritan™ outer shell, and leak-proof sport lid have a convenient, W-I-D-E opening to easily toss in big ice cubes, and fill ‘er up with cold, clean water for later. Its also very convenient for cleaning!

As you drink, the medical-grade silicone spout is safely covered and protected by the Polypropylene, leak-free screw-down lid, to keep it clean and lock the water in, until you are ready to drink.

SETUP: This is an easy one. Screw on the BPA/BPS/Phthalate-free Polypropylene SPORT LID and spout onto the big 23 oz. /650ml durable Tritan™ outer shell, and go enjoy your workout.

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I always add essential oils to my tea for flavor and their health benefits. The Multi Flask glass insert is perfect to withstand the heat of the water as well as the oils which do not work well with plastic bottles.
We Love Playtime
Well Multi Flask allows you to enjoy all of your favorite beverages in the convenience of one super cute, super functional bottle.
One of the most exciting features of Multi Flask is that for the first time there is a viable way of using glass on the go
Fitness for the rest of us
It is the ideal flask for endurance athletes.Basically, take your kitchen on the go! (In other words, a gift idea for the frequent traveler.
USA Cycling Certified Level 3 Coach, Coach Levi
Hot, cold, brewed or shaken, the Precidio Design Multi Flask is the ideal way to enjoy your favorite drinks on the go.
IHA Inspired Home
The Multi Flask is a multipurpose 6-in-1 bottle used for all your hydration needs. This system is really amazing. You can drink hot or cold drinks, infused beverages, insulated (hot or cold), fruit infused beverages and powered beverages.
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