Multi Flask gives you the PERFECT bottle for making and carrying your hot teas AND COLD BREWED coffees.
  • For COLD-BREWED COFFEE: fill the INFUSER with your ground coffee, and insert into the filled Multi Flask chamber with cold water so the coffee is immersed. Let sit for 18 to 24 hours for a smooth, coffee free from bitter oils and fatty acids and 2/3 less acid, which boiling water can extract.
  • For BLACK TEAS: fill the INFUSER with leaves, pour in hot water and let your tea steep with the sipper lid on and flip cap open (to let the steam release for a few minutes). When steeped, pop out the INFUSER (using a tissue or cloth) and replace the lid. You are ready to go!
  • For HERBAL or GREEN TEAS: when you like to let the leaves soak as you sip, put our tea inside the glass inner, fill with hot water and screw on the sipper lid with the top open as the tea steeps and steam pressure reduces. The INFUSER strains the leaves as you sip.
SETUP: Add the high-quality glass inner & the silicone base pad to the durable and BPA/BPS/Phthalate-free Tritan™ outer shell, insert the INFUSER to the hot sipper lid. You now have a safe way to carry a glass bottle of your finest COLD-BREWED coffee; black, herbal or green teas, without the concern of breakage.